Climate warming? South Korean capital records heaviest one-day snowfall in December for 40 years

South Korean capital records heaviest one-day snowfall in December for 40 years
South Korean capital records heaviest one-day snowfall in December for 40 years

South Korea’s capital received the biggest single-day snowfall recorded in December for more than 40 years on Saturday.

The country’s weather agency said on Sunday that 4.8in (12.2cm) of snow fell on Seoul the previous day, the heaviest since 1981.

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The Korea Meteorological Administration said a heavy snow advisory was issued for the entire Seoul entire area on Saturday before it was lifted later in the day.

It said other parts of South Korea also received snow or rain on Saturday.

South Korea’s safety agency said Saturday’s snow in Seoul and other areas caused traffic congestion, but no snowfall-related deaths or injuries have been reported.

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