Infrastructure collapse and water poisoning: 118 tons of coal spill into river after ‘track defect’ derails train in California


Whilst it’s certainly possible that this is simply part of the ever deteriorating state of US infrastructure, these repeated train derailments, in particular those carrying fertilizer and energy products, are also possibly be a variation on the myriad of attacks against energy supplies that are occurring with an increasing frequency in recent years. However this incident has the addition of a mass pollution event, which also seems to be part of the establishment agenda!

Cleanup continues after train derailment in Plumas County
Cleanup continues after train derailment in Plumas County

A Union Pacific train carrying 118 tons of coal derailed Sunday due to a track defect and dumped its contents into and around Plumas County’s Feather River, according to railroad officials and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Fifteen rail cars chugging west on tracks parallel to the Middle Fork Feather River in Blairsden derailed, spilling the fuel into the river. At least 14 rail cars tipped over or sustained damage, Fish and Wildlife officials said. At least one rail car fell into the water.

“Several cars lost the total payload and some cars partially released,” the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services said in a report detailing the incident.

There were no injuries or evacuations reported in the derailment, which happened near Highway 70 on the Feather River Scenic Byway and Camp Layman Road, wrote Meg Ronspies, a Union Pacific spokeswoman. The train was headed to Portola.

The cost estimate to clean up the river is more than $150,000, according to the CalOES spill report.

There could be potential “smothering effects” on organisms in the river, but its short-term impacts are not expected to affect the water, the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Office of Spill Prevention and Response said in a Facebook post. Ronspies wrote there were no “hazmat releases” and added that the incident remains under investigation.

Crews are cleaning the waters. Cleaning is estimated to be finished by Tuesday, Ronspies wrote.

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