Vacations… Catch you sooner than you think…


Hi everybody,

I am writing you about my coming vacations.

I will be away for the next 3 weeks (8-30) and have decided not to take my computer with me. I want some real vacations, some real rest to fill my body and soul with new and positive energy…

We will be travelling across Quebec, Canada, where I was born.

Yesterday was the last day of lobster fishing in Gaspésie. My aunt just sent me this picture of freshly caught lobsters. I think we will eat a few of those soon… Miam…

My aunt lives right in front of the ocean, between Percé and Gaspé, and knows a lot of great fishermen… She was also a fisherwoman… The last fisherwoman in Percé, Québec… And of course we will spend most of the time with her :-)…

I will send you some pictures if you want, but no compilations of news as usual. Hope to catch you again end of July.

Enjoy some great times with your family and friends and see you soon…


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Thank you,



  1. Take a much needed time of rest and we will ‘keep the lights on for you’ down here when you get back

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