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More Than 100 Earthquakes Hit Under Salton Sea, California Raising The Probability Of Larger Earthquakes In The San Andreas Region

salton sea earthquake swarm august 2020, salton sea earthquake swarm august 2020 leads to major earthquake san andreas fault
A swarm of earthquake activity is hitting the Salton Buttes area down in Southern California. And today’s Salton Sea earthquake swarm raises the probability of larger earthquakes in the San Andreas region. There have now been about 115 total quakes in this swarm since it got...

Extreme Midwest Derecho Races Eastward With Damaging 90-115 MPH Winds – 700,000 Without Power in Illinois (Videos And Pictures)

derecho august 10 2020, derecho august 10 2020 video, derecho august 10 2020 pictures
Severe thunderstorms are producing widespread damaging winds across a part of the Midwest today as a derecho races eastward. A derecho is a widespread wind damage event caused by severe thunderstorms, and this one got its start in eastern Nebraska Monday morning.

Powerful Eruption of Sinabung Volcano Plunges Cities Into Darkness After Ash Plume Rises 5,000 Meters (16,400 Feet) In The Air in Indonesia

Mount Sinabung eruption on August 10 2020, Mount Sinabung eruption on August 10 2020 video, Mount Sinabung eruption on August 10 2020 pictures
Sinabung volcano in Indonesia had a spectacular eruption this morning, August 10, 2020, 10:16 A.M. local. The powerful volcanic eruption snet a thick and dense ash plume approx. 16,400 ft (5,000 m) in the air, changing day into night. Indonesia’s rumbling Mount Sinabung erupted...

New Chinese Tick-Borne Virus Outbreak Kills 7, Infects 60 And Scares The World

New tick-borne virus in China, new virus china, New tick-borne virus in China deaths
As the world still struggles to overcome the coronavirus pandemic, a new virus from China has arrived. This new virus has started attacking China fatally and experts alert the world to be cautious. A new infectious disease caused by a tick-borne...

Rare M5.1 Earthquake Rattles North Carolina – Biggest Quake In NC Since 1916 – 104 Years!

M5.1 earthquake hits North Carolina on August 9 2020, M5.1 earthquake hits North Carolina on August 9 2020 video, M5.1 earthquake hits North Carolina on August 9 2020 picture
A rare M5.1 earthquake shook the border region of North Carolina and Virginia near Sparta, North Carolina, 8:07 A.M. EDT on August 9, 2020. Strong shaking was felt in many parts of NC and Virginia. Minor to moderate shaking was felt in parts of West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and South Carolina.

Giant Cracks Fissure The Ground Of Algeria After Earthquake

giant crack after Algeria earthquake, giant crack after Algeria earthquake video, giant crack after Algeria earthquake august 2020,Giant cracks open up in the ground of Algeria after shallow earthquake, Giant cracks open up in the ground of Algeria after shallow earthquake video, Giant cracks open up in the ground of Algeria after shallow earthquake picture
A M4.9 earthquake hit eastern Algeria on Friday, August 7, 2020. The moderate but shallow quake toppled three houses, damaged others, sent panicked people rushing into the streets and created giant cracks in the ground. Even water came out of the...

There Is Currently A Mysterious Outbreak Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria Buruli Ulcer In Australia

Buruli ulcer,Mycobacterium ulcerans, A flesh-eating bacterium is spreading in Australia
There's a place in Australia where there's suddenly a whole bunch of cases of flesh-eating bacteria. What kind of bacteria is this? Can something like that happen here in the United States? There is currently an outbreak of a tropical...

A Major Earthquake Along the San Andreas Fault Looms Along its Southern Segment in Coachella Valley and Scientists try to Put Together Different Pieces of the Puzzle

san andreas earthquake overdue for a big one
A major earthquake along the San Andreas Fault looms, as portended by the 2019 Ridgecrest quakes in the Southern California desert. Now, seismologists are rushing to parse together different pieces of the puzzle that is the next big rupture in the San Andreas Fault.

Tropical Storm Isaias Floods Cars and Homes, Spawns Deadly and Destructive Tornadoes and Knocks Out Power to Hundreds of Thousands From the Carolinas Into Virginia and Maryland

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Tropical Storm Isaias flooded cars and homes, knocked out power to hundreds of thousands and spawned deadly and destructive tornadoes from the Carolinas into Virginia and Maryland Tuesday morning. Isaias (pronounced ees-ah-EE-ahs) made landfall at 11:10 p.m. Monday at the South Carolina-North Carolina border as a Category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 85...

Typhoon Hagupit Slams Eastern China With 85 mph Winds and 14-foot Waves

typhoon hagupit, typhoon hagupit video, typhoon hagupit picture, typhoon hagupit august 2020
Typhoon Hagupit brought high winds and heavy rains to China's eastern coastal areas on Tuesday and was headed towards the financial hub of Shanghai. The hurricane-like storm made landfall in Zhejiang province around 3.30am, with winds blowing up to 136.8km/h (85mph) at its centre, creating gigantic waves.

Tropical Storm Isaias Forecast to Strengthen into a Hurricane Before Slamming the Carolinas With Life-Threatening Storm Surges

Tropical storm Isaias,Tropical storm Isaias will likely strengthen to a hurricane before hitting the Carolinas
Tropical Storm Isaias is forecast to strengthen to a hurricane before it hits the Carolinas this evening.  Isaias could bring strong winds and heavy rainfall to the Carolinas up through the Mid-Atlantic coast. As of 12 p.m. ET today (Aug. 3),...

Extremely Dangerous Killer Heatwaves Are Turning Apocalyptic in Death Valley, Iraq, and Kuwait With Extreme Temperatures of up to 127°F (53°C)

heatwave middle east, apocalyptic heatwave middle east, heatwave middle east 2020
Do you have your AC on? Because extreme deadly heatwaves have engulfed parts of the Desert Southwest United States, the Middle East and Europe. In the U.S., California and Arizona are experiencing 115-120°F (46-49°C), Death Valley's temperature reaches up to 127°F (53°C). Meanwhile, parts of Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait...

Right on the San Andreas Fault in California: The Apple Fire explodes out-of-control overnight, spreading across 20,500 acres and prompting 8,000 evacuations

Apple Fire, Apple Fire california, Apple Fire video, Apple Fire pictures, Apple Fire august 2020 california
A wildfire in Southern California that began Friday evening amid blazing temperatures spread across 4,000 acres overnight. The Apple Fire is now 20,500 acres and remains 0% contained. EVACUATION ORDERS and WARNINGS remain in place. And that's occurring along the San Andreas fault! Ever heard about it?

Millions of Mosquitoes Form Tornadoes across the Sky Of Kamchatka Just Like in a Horror Movie (Video)

Mosquito tornadoes form in the sky over Kamchatka, mosquito tornadoes russia kamchatka, mosquito tornadoes russia kamchatka video, mosquito tornadoes russia kamchatka pictures, mosquito tornadoes russia kamchatka youtube
There are so many mosquitoes right now in Ust-Kamchatsk, Kamchatka, Russia, that they build columns in the sky, ressembling damaging tornadoes. The insect twisters move slowly, smoothly from far away... But when you are driving through the mosquito tornadoes, it's more like a horror movie.

There’s so Much Snow in Patagonia Right Now That Cattle, Horses and Sheep Are Buried Alive in Argentina

patagonia snowfall animals buried in snow, patagonia snow, patagonia snow buried animals, patagonia snowfall animals buried in snow
Historic snowfall could destroy sheep farming Patagonia, Argentina for years. Five feet (1½ m) of snow and temperatures around 20 degrees below zero. Can you imagine even trying to walk through snow up to your chin? Patagonia is suffering one of...

A Second Straight Year of Flooding Threatens Another Year of Crops in Mississippi

A second straight year of flooding is threatening another year of crops for Mississippi farmers
A second year of flooding is threatening to ruin another year of crop harvests for farmers in the Mississippi River Delta, one of the poorest regions in the US. With the coronavirus already ravaging the region, farmers are now facing a second year without profits.

A Scene From Hell! Train Derailment, Massive Fire on Bridge Over Tempe Town Lake, Arizona

tempe train derailment fire bridge collapse, tempe train derailment fire bridge collapse video, tempe train derailment fire bridge collapse pictures, tempe train derailment fire bridge collapse july 29 2020
A huge fire is burning on a train on a bridge over Tempe Town Lake. The fire was pumping thick black smoke into the air. That smoke plume was visible for miles. Union Pacific said as many as 10 train cars...

Symbolic Signs in the Sky: More Than 125,000 Lightnings Strike Washington DC in Just Two Hours During Unprecedented Electrical Storm

lightning apocalypse washington DC, lightning apocalypse washington DC video, lightning apocalypse washington DC pictures, lightning apocalypse washington DC july 2020
Powerful thunderstorms consolidated over the D.C. area Thursday evening, releasing a dramatic and memorable outburst of thunder and lightning while also dispensing tremendous rainfall. Energized by stifling heat and humidity, it was the fourth day in a row of vigorous summer storms in some locations.

Hurricane Hanna Slams Texas TWICE With Heavy Rain and Strong Winds

hurricane Hanna Texas landfall, hurricane Hanna Texas landfall video, hurricane Hanna Texas landfall pictures, hurricane Hanna Texas landfall july 2020
Hurricane Hanna lashed the Texas shoreline with heavy rain and winds as it pummelled the Gulf Coast on Saturday. The first hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season made landfall twice as a Category 1 storm, the first happening about 24 kilometers north of Port Mansfield and the second landfall nearby in eastern...

Deutsche Bank Says a Giant Volcanic Eruption and Another Deadly Pandemic Are Among the Catastrophic Disasters That Could Devastate the World Economy in the Next 10 Years

Deutsche Bank says a giant volcanic eruption and another deadly pandemic are among the 'catastrophic' disasters that could devastate the world economy in the next 10 years
COVID-19 has been pretty much the only story in town for global markets and the world economy in 2020... But Deutsche Bank thinks there is a 33% chance of at least one of four much bigger risks, including a "globally catastrophic" volcanic eruption taking place over the next 10 years.