Latest Mind-Blowing Sky Phenomena

Water Vapor Discovered on Europa

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Europa, one of Jupiter’s 79 moons, is a high-priority target of investigation in NASA’s search for life as it my contain liquid water.

New Comet in the Night Sky Discovered by Amateur Astronomer

new comet, new comet discovery november 2019, C/2019 V1 (Borisov)
A new comet has been discovered fyling in the night sky by an amateur astronomer. The newly found celestial body was named...

Weird Noises Associated With Meteors, Fireballs and Meteorite Falls – A Link to the Strange Sounds from the Sky?

meteor sounds, meteor noises, meteor strange soundsvideo
Do meteors or fireballs make weird noises when disintegrating through the atmosphere? Loud bangs, mysterious rumblings and strange sounds from the sky have...

Oxygen: Another Gas Mystery on Mars

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Atmospheric gases on Mars sure provide us with plenty of mystery. First, there was that business with the disappearing, reappearing methane. Now, oxygen...

Asteroids Just Keep Coming: Another Skyscraper-sized Space Rock Will Pass Earth This Week

asteroid news, asteroid flyby, asteroid november 2019
Another Apollo asteroid measuring almost the height of New York's Rockefeller Center is due to make a flyby of Earth this week. We...

NASA Astronaut Almost Hit by Asteroid During Apollo Mission

A former NASA astronaut recalled the incident when the Apollo 9 spacecraft almost got hit by an asteroid.
A former NASA astronaut recalled the incident when the Apollo 9 spacecraft almost got hit by an asteroid.

Please Tell Me What the Heck Are These Weird Clouds over Florida?

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An unexplained cloud formation filmed over Florida has baffled viewers, with many pointed to alien involvement. Can somebody please tell me how this...

The Return of the Phoenix? Glowing Red Bird Appears Right for Halloween in the Sunset Sky Over Brazil

glowing red phoenix brazil sky, glowing red bird brazil sky halloween 2019
Look at that! The glowing red phoenix formed in the sunset sky over the city of Soledade, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil on...

Amazing anomaly turns the sky iridescent pinky-purple over Trinidad

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A mysterious cloud spotted above Trinidad has been dubbed a "volcano in the sky" by baffled onlookers. Villagers were perplexed by the...

Happy Halloween from space: Collision of 2 galaxies looks like a ghost face staring at us

hubble telescope face, space photo halloween hubble, hubble telescope space skull halloweenvideo
The team behind NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has released a cosmically terrifying image of what appears to be a celestial spook looking right at us from deep...