Latest Mind-Blowing Sky Phenomena

Crack in Earth’s Magnetic Field Sparks Rare Blue Auroras, the Strangest Northern Lights in Years

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A crack in Earth's magnetic field opened on Februry 18, 2020, sparking some of the strangest auroras in years. First, blue northern lights...

Sacred Geometry Symbols of Celestial Bodies and Planets

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Sacred geometry is everywhere. Even in our solar system, where celestial bodies and planets describe surreal geometric shapes while dancing to the music...

Starlink Satellites Fly Single Line Across the Sky Over Puerto Rico

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On February 17, 2020, SpaceX successfully launched 60 Starlink satellites on orbit. Now look at the amazing video of the newly released satellites...

You’ve Probably Seen a Lenticular Cloud Over Mt. Shasta, But Have You Been Lucky Enough to Witness an Alien Sunrise in Your Life?

lenticular cloud mont Shasta, lenticular cloud mont Shasta pictures, lenticular cloud mont Shasta video, lenticular cloud mont Shasta weed california, Alien Sunrise mount shasta february 2020
The sunrise skies in Weed, California were lit thanks to an alien-like cloud. Flying saucerlike apparitions are no stranger to the skies...

Heart-Shaped Cloud for Valentine’s Day over Mount Cook, New Zealand

valentine day heart cloud, heart-shaped cloud saint valentine day, amazing red heart-shaped cloud
On a Valentine's Day, one might see heart-shaped symbols everywhere, even if they don't exist. Because love is in the air! But the...

Magic Portal to Another Dimension Opens in Front of Skiers

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This is just amazing! In the mountains in Krasnaya Polyana, skiers and snowboarders witnessed a rare atmospheric phenomenon, when light columns suddenly flashed...

Huge Meteorite Hits Alwar, Rajasthan, Creating Large 20 Feet Deep (6 Meters) Crater and Changing Night Into Day Over India

Huge meteorite hits Alwar, Rajasthan, creating 20-meter large crater and changing night into day over India, india meteorite creates huge crater february 12 2020, alwar meteorite, alwar meteorite video, alwar meteorite creates giant crater in 2020
A giant meteorite created a huge 20-ft deep crater in a factory compound in the wee hours of Tuesday in the Itarana industrial area of Alwar, Rajasthan.

Three Strange Circles Appear Over Irkutsk, Russia, Raising Concerns About Possible UFO Invasions and Coronavirus Spraying

three strange cloud rings sky irkutsk russia, Ring-like clouds above Irkutsk in southern Russia
Three perfect, strange circles emerge over Russian city of Irkutsk. And the video is just baffling:

Major Space Super-Storms Happen Every 25 Years and That’s Much More Often Than Thought

Great space super storms occur every 25 years
Space super-storms are a serious worry as they can cause blackouts and significant damage. And according to new data, "great" super-storms occur...

First Sunrise Since November for Barrow, Alaska

The sun rises over the ice near Barrow, Alaska, for the first time in 66 days Friday, Jan. 23, 2004. (AP Photo/Earl Finkler)
The northernmost city in the United States, Barrow, saw the sun rise above the horizon on Thursday afternoon, January 23, 2020. That was...