Soyuz Rocket Launch Creates Eerie Jellyfish in the Sky of Kazakhstan

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Just a few hours ago, the first astronaut from the United Arab Emirates was launched to the International Space Station by a Russian Soyuz rocket with an...

Sky Turns Blood Red in Indonesia

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Millions in Indonesia saw the sky turn blood red over the weekend. Experts say the red skies were caused by smoke and haze...

Human Extinction Almost Certain Due To Impending Asteroid Impact

Human Extinction Almost Certain Due To Impending Asteroid Impact
A cosmochemist warned that human extinction is almost guaranteed if Earth gets hit by a planet-killer asteroid. The scientist also noted that despite...

Giant Volcano on Jupiter Moon Io Could Erupt Anytime

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The biggest volcano on the Jupiter moon Io should erupt any day now. Loki Patera, a 125-mile-wide (200 kilometers) lava lake on the...

We Have Weighted the Tiny Neutrino

A Huge Experiment Has 'Weighed' the Tiny Neutrino, a Particle That Passes Right Through Matter
An experiment nearly two decades in the making has finally unveiled its measurements of the mass of the universe’s most abundant matter particle: the neutrino.

Wild New Theory Blames Disintegrating Moon for Star’s Mysterious Dimming

Wild New Theory Blames a Disintegrating Moon for Star’s Mysterious Dimming
Of the nearly 1 million stars chronicled by the Kepler telescope, few have captured as much attention as KIC 8462852, otherwise known as Boyajian’s Star.

Large Magellanic Cloud New Amazing Image

The universe is a choreography of many celestial pirouettes. The moon orbits the Earth, which travels around the sun, and our parent star also moves about our...

NASA Targets Second Half of 2024 for Human Moon Landing

For six months, NASA has been chasing big plans to land humans near the south pole of the moon in 2024. That deadline...

First-Ever Interstellar Comet Successfully Imaged By Gemini

Gemini Observatory Captures Multicolor Image of First-ever Interstellar Comet
On August 30, amateur astronomer Gennady Borisov spotted a comet of extrasolar origin passing through our Solar System. This is the second time in...

Bright Meteor Fireball Fools British Police

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Police in England's South West were called early Sunday about a possible collision between two planes. But, it turns out, the "bright object...