An update about the main geological events that occurred today!

M6.3 earthquake hits Argentina, Sinabung (Indonesia) and Sabancaya (Peru) volcanoes erupt.

M6.3 earthquake argentina, M6.3 earthquake argentina february 18 2017, M6.3 earthquake hits Argentina, Sinabung (Indonesia) and Sabancaya (Peru) volcanoes erupt
M6.3 earthquake hits Argentina on February 18, 2017. USGS

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake jolted Argentina’s Jujuy province, some 50 kilometers northwest of San Antonio de los Cobres at 12:10 p.m. GMT on February 18, 2017. The tremor struck at a depth of 200 kilometers. No casualties have been reported so far.

A bit northern, in Bolivia, the Sabancaya volcano erupted at least 3 times on February 18, 2017 sending plumes of ash and gas several thousands meters above the volcanic peak.

sabancaya eruption

sabancaya eruption

A few thousands kilometers apart, the Sinabung volcano erupted in Indonesia sending a cloud of ash 1000 of meters above the crater. No ashfall has been reported yet.

sinabung eruption
via Instagram
sinabung eruption
via Instagram

Volcanic and seismic unrest around the world is not decreasing! Get prepared!

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