A follower of the blog just sent me some insane pictures of the Pamlico and Neuse rivers, two tidal rivers that flow into Pamlico Sound in North Carolina in the United States, almost completely dry.

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Very low tide in Pamlico River, North Carolina on March 2, 2018. via WITN

Strong northeast winds across Eastern Carolina are causing some river banks to become high and dry.

Water disappears Pamlico and Neuse rivers North Carolina
Water disappears Pamlico and Neuse rivers North Carolina

In Washington, the Pamlico River has set a new record for the lowest water level. The river stands at -3.81 feet, breaking the old 1989 record of -3.70 feet.

Water disappears Pamlico and Neuse rivers North Carolina
Water disappears Pamlico and Neuse rivers North Carolina

Strong winds are pushing the water out. At the Washington boat ramp the ramp is hardly in any water at all.

Water disappears Pamlico and Neuse rivers North Carolina
Water disappears Pamlico and Neuse rivers North Carolina

Similar problems are also occurring in New Bern at both Union Point Park and Lawson Creek Park where water from both the Neuse and Trent rivers are being pushed out.

Water disappears Pamlico and Neuse rivers North Carolina
Water disappears Pamlico and Neuse rivers North Carolina

Here some more pictures from Pamilco River on Facebook.

Is the water receding phenomenon due to the bombogenesis winter storm Riley currently engulfing the US East Coast? Or is this weird event due to the full moon tides? It seems that both events have a large effect on the tides… A totally unusual effect.

Here some more pictures on Facebook

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  1. according to the timestamp in the picture, i had been over the bridge at around 1 and definitely not that low, seen a little sand bar, but not as far as gone as picture is shown.

  2. Ou encor e est ce un effet d’eau dans une cuvette, quand le basculement des poles se réalise? Il n’y a pas à supposer car c’est une réalité!
    La boule bleue s’inclinant les flots vont et viennent en surface!
    Nous arrivons à la fin des temps, la dernière Cène, celle de la destruction par le chaos, génome du chaos attenant à l’ADN de chacun des vivants.
    C’est pour cette raison que tous les médias occultent cet état de fait, préservant ainsi une certaine paix dans les pays qui commencent à s’échauffer par manque de nourriture, alors un écran de fumée nommé GUERRE éteint toute remise en question sur ce qui se passe.

    • Whats so interesting (also) is during the Spring Summer & Fall month’s out of the years (anymore) is the low humidity. Throw this in with the (constant) windy days the soil dries out quickly.
      I’ve been around (a few years) & w/out a doubt something very sinister is going on – All one has to do is check out all the patients on weather modification – BUT, there is Another Power throwing curve balls at the sinister ones!

  3. This type of event has been occurring in many areas of the earth. Most recently in south america countries who coast lines border the ring of fire.

    This is a major concern. Why, prior to the last two-three 6.0 plus major quakes, it was reported regarding water disappearing from Harbors/shorelines leaving small sailing/fishing boats stranded . Scientists report that this event is caused by the tectonic plates slipping, creating a void and water fills that void, as I understand it. When the plates reset, I guess the water is expelled which is some areas, creating excessive high waves on other shores, sometimes on the same side or opposite side. Also occurred just recently before the landfall of Irma, I think in Florida, Tampa Bay had a similar event in where on the Gulf of Mexico side water disappeared from the Bay as reported by the weather channel.

    Some believe the expected pole shift or the effect of an celestial object effecting the magnetic fields,
    areas and other ideas based on data collected.

    I hope, I am very wrong, but based on historical record, when events like this occur soon a major earthquake occurs. Location? who knows

  4. Has nothing to to do with a pole shift, Planet X, weather modification, aliens, etc. it’s a pure weather phenomenon high winds from the northeaster, coinciding with a full moon. It will be back to normal by the first of the week. Stop reading every weather event as something to raise the eyebrows. Why not connect it with Billy Graham(RIP) passing as well? Thankful the moon was not a blood, full, blue moon, if it was we would have people jumping to their demise. I live in NC, it has happened before so stop freaking out.

    • I never said anything about aliens or weather modification,Billy Graham… etc. I simply pointed out that evidence from previous reports stating that on several occasions when there was an abnormal shift in coastal waters, rather receding at one point and the increase of unusual tidal waves in another (without a storm effect) has on several occasions preceded a major earthquake. Most recent was Costa Rica, three months ago 6.4. Not freaking out, reviewing recorded associated observations.

      Unaware that this was a consistent occurrence off North Carolina shores

  5. It’s not high winds, although the winds add to the problem. The problem in continental roll caused by the push and pull of the approaching Niberu system on the crust.

  6. Funny how those strong winds haven’t blown away the trees, boats, and buildings along the shore. Water is really heavy. How much wind force would it take to move that much water? And why don’t we see this all the time, if it’s only wind? People living in the region say they’ve never seen the river completely dry like this.


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