Scary Strange Sounds in Germany – March 6, 2012


What are these scary strange sounds recorded somewhere in Germany on March 6, 2012?

Are these the strange sounds in the sky? Some weird drilling sounds? I have no ideas! What do you think?

There’s no exact location for this video. The sound is quite scary. Captured at night on March 6, 2012 somewhere in Germany. It lasted about one hour!

Here some video comments:

I’ve been hearing these sounds tonight for about an hour. I probably watch too many horror movies.

I have alse been hearing the sound yesterday in Kiel. It was around 5:00 am, but has only lasted 20 minutes.

I hear something like that for a long time too … sometimes it sounds like yours on the video … Then there is a booming noise and sometimes a cracking sound like someone breaks into our home … really creepy and always at the same time … every night at 4:30 (no kidding)…

So what is this scary strange sounds?

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