High pitched sound in Liverpool, UK


This high pitched sound was recordered on January 2012 in Liverpool, England.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The uploader’s comments:

I was in my house in South Liverpool, England, UK late one night and heard some high pitched screeching sounds from outside. I should add that it’s not uncommon to hear the sounds of trains braking or their engines running as I live near to a railway. However, on the night in question the noise sounded more prolonged, louder and somewhat different. I went into the back yard and recorded two videos of the noises. As you can hear the noises are very very loud. I couldn’t really place where the sound was coming from – it was just all around me. The films were shot at 12.48am and 12.50am on 6th January 2012. At one point the sound changed into a kind of brass fanfare sound but unfortunately I didn’t catch this on video. On and off I would say the whole thing lasted about an hour. What also adds to the mystery is the fly-by of a helicopter at the same time. Apologies for the video quality. It was very dark in the yard. If anyone has any guesses what this noise was please leave a message.

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  1. Just heard a noise just like this, it was around 2khz, was going on for 1hr at around 2.07am this morning!

    just wondering whether you’ve found the solution to what was causing this?

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