Strange Noise in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada


Strange Noise in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Strange sound heard @ approx 2:30 am. The recorder first thought it was a large truck driving down the street but the noise did not stop but it got louder and louder (for about 20 minutes) and stopped at around 4:00am. This is the first time this person hears the sound, and it is not one airplane or helicopter.

It is probably a new record of the Strange Sounds from the Sky phenomenon. Really weird!

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  1. No I haven’t heard it since and the noise wasn’t just in my area in richmond hill, it was heard about 2 km’s north. It’s highly unusual and if this is happening globally we all really need to start talking about it and ask more questions. I’m sure our governments know what the cause is. Why are we left in the dark?

  2. This noise woke up my baby at 230 am and she woke me up. It was so loud that we could hear it clearly inside our home with all of our windows closed. It began fading away around 3. The noise was intense and unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. It seemed like the noise was coming from the sky and surrounded our home in every direction. I don’t understand how something like this doesn’t make the local news.

    • Thank you for your update and for your good recording!

      I also do not understand why it doesn’t make the local news.

      Did you hear it again?

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