Sun dog, chemtrails & strange sounds in Craig, Nebraska, USA


These strange sounds and strange weather were recorded on the 27th of september in Craig, a little village of less than hundred people in Nebraska, USA. There is a highway off in the distance a few miles away, but it doesn’t get very much traffic. The nearest “city” is an hour away. The nearest gas station is 15 minutes away, as our village has none. We’re very secluded. This makes it pretty easy to rule out a lot of sources.

I believe we have there a new record of these Strange Sounds, of the humming Sounds coming from the Sky.

ANother video of the same Craig village in Nebraska was previously recorded in March 2012, this time during the night. Here is the link again.

Both these sounds are kind of an irritating vibration. These sounds were listened in different parts of the world.

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