Tsunami warning issued for Hawaii after massive 7.7-magnitude on the Queen Charlotte Islands – October 27 2012


27 October 2012 – Tsunami warning issued for Hawaii after massive 7.7-magnitude on the Queen Charlotte Islands

A tsunami warning has been issued for Hawaii after a 7.7-magnitude earthquake rocked the Queen’s Charlotte island off the west coast of Canada on Saturday night. An evacuation was issued for all coastal areas on Saturday night. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center originally said there was no threat. Waves between three and seven feet are now expected to lash Hawaii beginning about 10:28 p.m. local time Saturday (4:28 a.m. Sunday ET). Mass flooding is predicted and residents are fleeing their homes. The warning remains in effect until 7 p.m. local time on Sunday. The impact has the potential to last for several hours and consist of a succession of waves. Flooding is expected and coastal evacuation has been recommended. There were no immediate reports of major damage. It is not expected to be as significant as the devastating earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands in Japan in March 2011.

1946 – Caused by an earthquake in the Aleutian Islands, the tsunami waves reached up to 55 feet and struck without warning killing 170 people.
1960 – There were 61 deaths and $75 million in damage after a record-setting earthquake in Chili triggered a tsunami
1975 – A locally generated tsunami claimed two lives

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  1. Everyone knows a quake has hit chile early this morning but now there is a Tsunami warning all around the west coast. It’s on one news station and thats for Hawaii. I feel like they shouldnt even issue a warning here if they are not going to keep us up to date or have it on the news at least so we know what to think. I live right on the beach of oceanside CA and have no idea what to do or how serious it really is. The news can talk about tiger woods on 20 channels at a time but not a tsunami that could danger people’s lives and property. I dont understand. What precautions should I take? I live RIGHT by the water.

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