Strange sounds from the sky 2012, Southern Sweden, November 12 2012


November 12 2012 – Strange sounds from the sky 2012, Southern Sweden

These Strange Sounds were recorded in South-East Sweden at around 1-2 pm in the afternoon on the 12th of november. The recorder says that it just had raining for about 30 minutes before. He did not notice the sound until he got at the spot were he caught them which is the highest area in the area where he lives.

The sounds are clearly coming from the sky or the horizon says the recorder. In this area of Sweden, there is also a windmill wich distorts the Strange Sounds. But the weird noises are not from the mill. The metalic roars where heard from over the horizon over the sea (not a ship) and they lasted for approximately 10 minutes. If you listen carefuly you can hear two different sounds, one “bass” dark tone that can be heard in the background all the time and one lighter tone that seems to accompany the darker one but this time in sequence.

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