Strange Sounds from the Sky Denver, North Carolina, USA, w/ Facebook posts!, November 3 2012


November 3 2012 – Strange Sounds from the Sky Denver, North Carolina, USA

The recorder of these very strange and scary Strange Sounds was in his room in a quiet neighborhood of Denver, North Carolina as they started on the 3rd of November 2012 at around 5pm. It is the first time he ever experienced them in person. He will probably never forget it! The noises were LOUD, like nothing he ever heard before. A really good record of these scary Strange Sounds in the sky!

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  1. On November 3rd in the Town of East Bend, NC we did not hear these sounds but around the same time we heard what sounded like very loud thunder, but it was different than thunder. The Skies were clear and blue. It happened again that same day but hours later.

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