Strange sounds in the sky, Antwerp, Belgium + UFO?? – November 22 2012


November 22 2012 – Strange sounds in the sky, Antwerp, Belgium + UFO??

This is no fake for sure! Pump of the volume to hear the Strange Sounds over the normal city noise. The Strange Sounds were recorded today, the 22nd of November 2012 at around 12.30pm (european time), so during lunch time. The recorder of these Weird Noises first thought about construction, however at this time workers are having lunch break. The original file has been uploaded as is and has not been edited in any way. For those seriously researching this area, the recorder have the original file and can give it to you. Just let me know or contact him directly through the youtube video.

About this part, I must say I have much less knowledge:
After viewing the video, the recorder noticed a stationary light object visible on the top right of the big building, and one cigar shaped object slowly moving from left to right. The video y definitely weren’t planes, as you can see some moving around too. The objects weren’t visible for me because the light of the sun blocked them out, however the camera seems to have picked them up.

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