Giant Gas Explosion at a gas station, Tver, Russia, November 21 2012// Взрыв в Твери (Автокооператив №99) 21.11.12


November 21 2012 – Giant Gas Explosion at a gas station, Tver, Russia

A giant explosion occured on the 21st November 2012 in a gas station from the city of Tver in Russia. The explosion happened at around at 21:40 as a propane truck exploded at a fuel station. Firefighters battled the resulting fire for 12 hours. No injuries were reported. To hear directly the explosion go to 2:17. The explosion was caused by a violation of the rules of filling gas reports

Russian: [взрыв c 2:17]
21.11.12 в 21:40 в г Твери на ул Хрустальной в Автокооперативе №99 произошло возгорание. В результате пожара взорвалась цистерна с пропаном, По словам очевидцев, огонь с автозаправки быстро перекинулся на 4 экскурсионных автобуса и 1 маршрутку.

Original (explosion at 2:17):


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