Strange Sounds in the sky, Dakota, USA, November 23 2012


November 23 2012 – Strange Sounds in the sky, Dakota, USA

These Strange Sounds in the Sky were recorded at around 3am from the Dakota sky, USA. These weird noises are continuous at the beginning, disappear, reappear in sequences and then change frequency after a while. It is really an interesting video of these weird noises coming from the sky. They are similar to the sound of a horn coming from the sky and then turn into a more metalic sound, a more creepy sound. It seems the video was caught in a very remote area. I think we have here another good record of the Strange Sounds coming from the sky and now heard all around the world. Thank you for the video!

Have a nice week-end and enjoy this:


  1. I have totally been hearing this, too!!!!!!! It sounds like a shofar (ram’s horn trumpet). I actually heard it at around 12:00 am the first time, and then 3:00 am the second time….and it lasted for about 3 – 5 minutes, too. Here’s the link to the vid that I recorded of it one of the times:

    There were several of these frequencies going on at once but I couldn’t get my phone out fast enough before the others dropped off.

    It’s so bizarre!!! I’m close to Toronto, Canada.

    This is EXACTLY what I have been hearing (I know I’m repeating myself, but it’s so strange and I’m just so excited that someone else has heard it).


    • i also heard this this week-3 nights ago-i am in Jacksonville,fl-about 3 a.m.-i can hear the train and interstate from my house-but i kept listening because whatever it was went on for 20 minutes-it was continuos.

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