Christmas Eve: Strange Sounds in the Sky, Valcea, Romania, December 24 2012

December 24 2012 – Strange Sounds in the Sky, Valcea, Romania.

Inhabitants from different little towns of Romania (Rm.Valcea, Dragasani and Ocnele) reported some strange noises that apparently came from the sky on Christmas Eve (source)… These cities are tens of kilometers apart. Despite this distance, the sound was reported simultaneously by multiple people. The source of this sound remains unknown.

Strange Sounds in Romania, Christmas 2012:

Strange Sounds in Romania, July 2012

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  1. I live in juneau alaska and decemeber 21st at 2am i heard trumpets… people say its some atmosphere sounds but i got a recording round 3am and there playing a little tune i dont think the atmosphere would make music tones… check it out.. I CANNOT stop talking to everyone i come across about this .. its not a joke.