Compilation of Strange Sounds recorded in the USA, Germany and the UK December 18 2012


Here a compilation of Strange Sounds reported in the USA, Germany and in the UK on the 18th of December 2012. Thank you for your help and for your comments! They are really helping me!

Strange Sounds in Leipzig, Germany at around 10 pm

Strange Sounds over the Mount Vernon Sky, Virginia. It’s a strange sound that has been reoccurring more and more frequently over our skies over the past last year. I don’t have evidence other than this video and some other folks here locally who have heard it also. I believe it’s a sky quake.

Comments on the Strange Sounds blog:

“My wife and I were hiking at Sunrise Peak, in the McDowell-Sonoran-Mountain-Preserve, (just outside Scottsdale, Arizona), around noon time yesterday (12-18-12), and we heard no less than 5-6 sonic-type booms (?) during our two hour hike. It sounded like distant thunder and/or underground explosions (?)”

“Have been unable to sleep as I can hear this ‘rumbling’ sound. It has faded over the past hour or so. At first it sounded like the washing machine was on downstairs, but it isn’t. I thought it was maybe a helicopter but it’s been going on for much too long. It is very faint now but still there. It seems weird. I live in the UK. I can’t see anything unusual in the sky, no lights or anything. Maybe I am worrying, but it is almost 4am and is usually silent. No idea as to what it could be. Any one else from the UK heard this too? I know my family would say stop worrying or it’s just a plane or something. Just something about it seems not right and the fact I Googled it and so many people across the world are having similar experiences?!”

“I live in Missouri, USA I am hearing jet engine type of noise. I live out in the forest, and there is no type of industry to support that type of noise. I also have noticed that the cloud formation have changed. I am seeing alot of long spiral type of clouds. at sun down the clouds are pointed and shaped as if you were looking into a fire. The clouds came from the direction of the sun and leaped out like flames. Wierd, I have been on this earth for 64 years and this is all strange. What is happening????”


  1. Its the 20th dec 2012 6:43am uk essex and I can hear a constant rumbling sound so ive turned of my fridge coz that was making noise and I can still hear the rumbling sound. Its very strange. Its a faint airplane engine sound, im thinking it might be somthing other than the skies coz I can only hear it more when im in bed and thought if it was the skies then I should hear it where ever. Very weird tho, never heard it before.

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