Sky Noises near Manassas, Virginia, USA, December 19 2012


These strange sounds from the sky have been recorded near Manassas, Virgnia.

Although the source remained unexplained, the sky noises are clearly not similar to those created by planes!

On December 19, 2012, so just one day before the supposed Mayan apocalypse, weird humming noises have engulfed the city of Manassas, Virginia.

manassas, manassas VAIn the video you can clearly distinguish between the strange ramdom noise coming from the sky and that of a real plane flying (@ 4:00). The dog is getting crazy because of the low frequence humming and reverberating noise.

The strange sounds lasted about 2 hours and is similar to a plane engine. This weird noise comes in sequence almost every 20 seconds. In the video, you can also hear and see cars passing by.

Other lights recorded are probably stars or planes but nothing is strange in the sky.


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  1. Just heard the same thing here in Gainesville, VA on August 6th, 2015. I’m sure it’s Quantico training again. I timed them and they come every 30 seconds on the nose. Definitely some sort of planned explosion.

  2. OK we live in Catlett VA, F. County and those crazy loud booms have been going on ALL DAY. My dog and 3 year old are freaking out. We just moved out here last month so I am not familiar with the area but I know there are train tacks nearby. But I have lived near trains and they don’t make booms like this. What the heck is it?

  3. We live near The Plains in Fauquier County, and I’ve been hearing the rumbling noises all day today. They do NOT sound like munitions to me. Very strange.

  4. I heard it too in Bristow!!! sometimes our widows were shaking. Thought it was earth quake ..It was sooo creepy

  5. Booms and rumbles reported in Prince William County

    Thursday – 12/20/2012, 12:13pm  ETWASHINGTON – Many residents in Prince William County reported hearing booming and rumbling sounds on Thursday.The noise is the result of some explosive munitions training at the Marine Corps base in Quantico.The training will continue until 5 p.m. Thursday, and will resume Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.The training has been going on for most of the week, but overcast skies can increase noise and vibrations.

  6. What is going on out here!!!! It can’t be construction, No One has this many explosives to make the continued LOUD, House Shaking explosions that is occurring out here. The best way to explain it is, there is continued shaking and Loud Explosions occurring every couple minutes. The explosions are so loud that they are shaking the windows in my house. And they have been occurring all day. It would be interesting to see how far people are hearing and feeling these explosions. So Please, if you have been hearing this, Post where you are located and how strong the explosions and shaking has been.

  7. I am hearing the same thing right now. I’m in Gainesville Va and These EXPLOSIONS are LOUD and Shaking the Ground. They are constantly occurring and Shaking my House. What is Going on out here.

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