Mystery rumbling noise and tremors in Corsicana, Texas, USA! Not Earthquakes? December 04 and 05 2012


December 04 and 05 2012 – Mystery tremors in Corsicana, Texas, USA! Not Earthquakes?

The Corsicana Daily Sun reports mystery earthquake-like tremors accompanied by a rumbling type of noise near Corsicana, Streetman, Purdon, Pursley and Dawson, Texas. These tremors occured Tuesday afternoon and lasted early Wednesday and didn’t act like any other thing except perhaps earthquake booms. Houses popped and shaked didn’t seem to fit anything. Officials are puzzled and say it is an unexplained event likely of a natural origin (Many tremors aren’t necessarily earthquakes but can have man-made causes). But what origin? The point is indeed that the US Geological Survey did not report any earthquake activity in the area. Military exercises?
The responsible for the undertaken researches can only finish telling this: “It’s unusual, to say the least.”

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