Earthquake lights can appear in the sky before large seismic events – Sign before a quake


Sometimes, mysterious earthquake lights appear in the sky just before large seismic events!

So if you see some bluish to rainbow color clouds and you live in an earthquake prone area, you better run under cover! Well not always…

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Earthquake can trigger different natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions and sonic booms.

But one of the weirdest effect of earthquakes is visible in the sky: the Earthquake lights. They appear in the sky (whitish, bluish to rainbow color) during or even before a quake. They last normally few seconds but can also be minutes long.

Scientists have always refuted the formation of light during earthquakes. But photographs taken during the Matsushiro earthquake swarm (60s) and other videos recorded during the China 2008 earthquake or during the 2009 L’Aquila and the 2010 Chile earthquakes demonstrated they were wrong.

Scientists however do not exactly know where the lights are coming from.

  1. A theory explains these lights through the friction of tectonic plates containing quartz (not very plausible).
  2. Another says the lights are related to the disruption of the ionosphere or magnetic field.
  3. Finally, a NASA scientists believe they result from the activation of electric charge carrier contained in igneous and metamorphic rocks.

The earthquake light phenomenon remains unexplained but is awesome!

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