Strange Sounds in the Sky in Clearwater, Florida, USA, December 9 2012


December 9 2012 – Strange Sounds in the Sky in Clearwater, Florida, USA

These Strange Sounds were recorded in the little town of Clearwater, Florida, USA at around 2:30 am on the 10th of december 2012. The guy is filming the pulsating noises outside, from his balcony. Trees are calm, no wind is blowing, but the low frequency noise is clearly audible. Great catch!

If you look at the comments from this page, “Pamela” is already talking about these Strange Sounds in Florida…

Here the corresponding video:

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  1. Heard the same noise Friday the 8th at 5pm. We were expecting a cold front to come in later in the evening but the sky was pretty clear and 72 degrees. I heard it and after a minute I thought to myself something is weird. I went outside and scanned the sky but saw no signs of planes and the noise was deafening. It seemed to be headed east and it took at least 10 minutes before it stopped. The whole time it was progressively getting quieter until it just stopped. Then on Saturday the 9th around 2pm people were reporting loud booms all over northern and Eastern Hillsborough, Polk and Pasco counties. I’m weired out and no explanation.

  2. Just heard it tonight started at 915pm by highland and Gulf to bay. So strange. It goes for a few minutes very loud, then abruptly stops, then starts again. What is this?? Not the first time we’ve heard this either.

  3. Heard the exact same noise last night 5/9/2017 late at night. Loud rumbling noise for about 15 minutes, then nothing. This has been going on for years now yet nobody has given any explanation?
    People in the press must really sleep like a rock!

  4. Nov 4 2013 and we heard it very loud and also live near clearwater high. Sounded like coming from the east but hard to really tell. This is like the 10th time I have heard this over the last few years and never find answers. I even go and try to find it. Went to hwy 19 construction but don’t seam to see anything that would make such a loud noise. Sounds like rocket engine test because of how it stops and starts so abruptly. Wish we could get an answer to this.

    • just heard it again … i live two blocks from clearwater high and it is a wild sound… Really loud this time and it was heard over the TV and it was not in the middle of the night for a change. Only about 1045pm. 11/09/2013.. I have been hearing this for years and NO solutions… I love that another site thought it was cicadas and if it was cicadas i am head for the hills if they make a sound like that!. Rocket engine test or the waste treatment plant might be it … but i doubt it . .

      • Just heard a loud cannon sound, or at least that’s what I thought. So loud I freaked out and dropped my cigarette. Felt like the earth rattled with the noise. Not the first time either, but,definitely the loudest!
        Near alderman & 19

  5. It’s 10:36pm now in Clearwater on NOVEMBER 4th 2013. I’m @ the corner of Sunset and Hercules and have been hearing what sounds like a jet engine for the last 2 hours on and off. The noise seems to be stationary with a steady pitch. It is abrupt. starts at full steam and ends at full steam. Sometimes lasting for 30 minutes. Can be heard in my house while the television is on. Would really love to know whats going on.. I’m 5 miles from Clearwater regional. The only thing this could be is a turbine engine echoing off the bay. But it’s erratic on/off has me wondering…

    • I’m near sunset and highland.. me and a friend were outside and heard thine same thing.. kept going on for a few minutes then off…wish I could find an explanation for this… anyone who knows anything email me @

  6. BTW I’m in Clearwater, FL too right off of U.S. 19 so it’s a worldwide phenomenon that’s affecting Clearwater constantly too. Makes me wonder if it’s possibly the the shift of tectonic plates or electromagnetic earth amplified noise and it’s audible through us most of it because of the echoing ocean.

  7. We live in dunedin Florida.
    We heard the low pitched rumble last night. It caused our dogs to shake & was unlike anything we have heard before. It happened at 3 different times threw out the night, each one loud enough to wake us up… Very bizarre. Would really like to know what us causing this noise ??

    • Just heard this last night and have been doing research on it since 5am this morning. Was def something that got me out of bed and go outside with the other neighbors to see what’s going on. I found this on YouTube and some of the sounds I heard were on this video. Not the trumpet ones but the ones they said sounded like a hovering jet. It lasted for about 15mins then just cut out. No idea….

  8. I heard this last night. I was in bed and thought a plane was going to crash into my house. It started and stopped abruptly. It last for about 15 minutes. There was nothing in the sky. No planes, no lights, nothing. I’m right off of the Courtney Campbell in Clearwater. I wanted to know if anyone else heard it and came across this and other pages. Really strange, what is it!????!!??

  9. Today at about 9:40AM I heard what I think is this same noise. I’m in Palm Harbor, right off of Highway 19, which is right next to Clearwater. I’ve never heard anything like this before and I’m baffled.

    It started abruptly, lasted for maybe 3 minutes then stopped just as abruptly. The noise was like a loud buzz or hum – just one note that sounded really low, never wavering in intensity. It didn’t sound like it was far away and got closer, and didn’t get louder and then softer. It simply was there and “on,” then after a few minutes it was “off.”

    It was really loud, so loud that I paused the DVD I was watching on my laptop because I couldn’t hear what the characters were saying. Then I went outside to try and figure out what the sound was. It was louder outside. So loud, that I had to cover my ears. It didn’t hurt, probably because the frequency was so low.

    I couldn’t make out where the sound was coming from. It seemed to be all around me. I could feel the sound vibrating in my head and body, but it wasn’t strong enough to shake the building or the trees.

    I went back inside, freaked out. Texted my boyfriend and asked him to call me. He called about one minute later, and, strangely, the loud buzzing sound just abruptly stopped at the same time my phone began to ring.

    This is so strange, I can’t figure out what this sound could have been. There is the Tampa airport about 30 minutes from my apartment, so one possible explanation is maybe an airplane that was taking off or landing hit the air in such a way that it sent out vibrations at that particular low frequency. I can’t think of anything else that might have made such a sound that didn’t seem to have a point of origin.

    If anyone else in this area has experienced this loud buzzing sound, please email me at

    I want to figure out what this sound was!

  10. Last night (March 17th, 2013) a little before 10PM we heard what sounded like a plane approaching and flying over head, except it didn’t disappear like usual. The loud rumbling went on for about 10-15 minutes and was stationary. The windows shook and I opened the balcony to see if I could see anything in the sky but it was overcast. Finally, about 15 minutes later it just stopped abruptly. It didn’t get lower and disappear. It just stopped. I think that was the part that freaked me out most. It was as if whatever it was just went away. We live off of Sunset pt. between 19 and Belcher and we hear planes and helicopters constantly fly over us from PIE and the small airport down the road. But this was entirely different. A plane will be quiet, then get louder as it gets closer, and then get quieter as it flies away from you. This sounded like it stayed on top of us the entire time and then just stopped.

  11. The same hear!! I live in Clearwater, and I listen the same sound, around 2-3am (sometimes Saturdays or Sundays).

  12. Live in Clearwater on the Bay looking at Bay Bridge and hear it all the time. Thought it was just me..glad to hear I’m not crazy. I’m close to airport so figured it was a super powerful jet engine being tested. Heard it last night at 3am … shaking the windows and house. I’m not “scared” like some others but quite disturbing and annoying.

  13. I hear this in clearwater also .. i live near clearwater High school and last night it was a HUGE noise… it was roaring and going on for quite awhile .. I thought it was a jet plane at first but it went on for 30 minutes

    • We heard it too!! Last night, yes near Clearwater High School at around 9:30 to near 10:00 pm. It started and stopped twice or so. But mostly a long low loud rumbling like a 747 hovering overhead and not moving for thirty minutes.

      Then it stopped abruptly. No directional movement I could tell.
      I was thinking maybe construction noises on US19? But why so loud? Why the humming vibration, unless it’s bouncing off the cloud cover overhead? And it’s not a normal noise.

      It doesn’t sound like construction we’ve heard before! It sounds overhead. or underneath or something – but it’s in the air if that makes sense. You can’t even pinpoint a direction specifically, though I’d say more overhead and to the east. And you can hear it both indoors and outside. Loud. Low. Hum. Vibration. Not thunder or wind or anything natural. Thanks for posting too, we all heard it hear, glad others did as well. What the heck is it?

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