Strange Sounds in the Sky Siauliai, Lithuania, December 10 2012


December 10 2012 – Strange Sounds in the Sky Siauliai, Lithuania

Yesterday, I was invited to the PhD defence about Cosmochemistry of a friend of mine. He received his diploma and than we had a great and long party. I also PhDed in Cosmochemistry back in 2010. I am getting older and older… Cosmochemistry is a fascinating topic about the formation of our Solar System based on the analysis of meteorites.

Well going back to our Strange Sounds. The one presented in this postare are very loud and weird. They were recorded in the town of Siauliai, Lithuania during the day (even with other noise pollution, so these sounds were probably very loud). Other tones and metalic sounds than what we are used to, but I think it is not a fake (dog howling…). Well on this one I am not sure. What do you think! At the end if this is a fake, than they did it righ!

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  1. Last night, in the Southeast Mohave Desert, a series of several dozen rumble and booms could be heard, city-wide. Glass rattled in houses, dogs were going crazy. You could feel the bass in your chest. This was not tremors or an earthquake. It could be described as a “carpet bomb”, multi-concussion, high intensity and deep underground explosives or something very powerful. I know this is a “strange sounds in the SKY” forum, but I’d swear this disturbing rumble and the booms are coming from beneath the ground.

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