New Mystery booms in Columbia County, Georgia, USA, December 6 2012 – Mystery rumblings in the USA


December 6 2012 – Mystery booms in Columbia County, Georgia, USA – Mystery rumblings in the USA

Steven Uhles from News Times reported on the 6th of December 2012 mystery booms heard and felt by multiple residents of Columbia County, Georgia, USA. The strange noises were neither trigerred by earthquakes nor by an army exercise. The responsible already received reports about strange boom sounds in other parts of the county on the 4th and the 5th of December 2012 but it is not known if they are related. The last earthquake in the Columbia County occured on April 23, 2012 (2.3 earthquake). Tremors and Earthquake sounds can only be heard from 2.0 and above on the Richter scale.

Mystery booms and global rumblings heard around the USA

As shown on the map, mystery rumblings have been heard all over the US within the last 5 days. To read more about these rumblings, I suggest you to read a nice article from Global Rumblings.

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  1. I felt and heard the same thing today in Prince George, VA. It sounded as if something had exploded. Then the house rumbled for a few seconds.

  2. My wife and I were hiking at Sunrise Peak, in the McDowell-Sonoran-Mountain-Preserve, (just outside Scottsdale, Arizona), around noon time yesterday (12-18-12), and we heard no less than 5-6 sonic-type booms (?) during our two hour hike.
    It sounded like distant thunder and/or underground explosions (?)

  3. I heard a possibly similar sound and could feel the vibration in the floor of my home in late night hours of Dec 6, 2012 it startled myself and my dog when I had gone outside to investigate the sound I heard is like anything I’ve encountered before it was like the sound of a jet, thunder, and a pulsating noise all combined my dog was barking and gowling while looking up at the sky it was very strange it was like the sound was kind of surrounding but distinctly coming from the north it wasn’t a sound of something passing like a coming and going sound it distinctly come from the north and went away as if the volume had been slowly lowered until unaudioable in all it lasted been one or two minutes

    • Yes I think these Strange Sounds are a result of tensions within the earth mantle and core and may be related to a pole shift.

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