The 2012 Archeology and Anthropology Unresolved Mysteries


Jesus was married. A sensational papyrus quoting Jesus talking to his wife was decrypted by Harvard historian Karen King in September 2012. Fake or Reality? For the vatican, this piece of papyrus is a fake. Textual analysis experts are very skeptical. Since the authentification of the material is not yet complete, this mystery remains unresolved.

The Jonah box. A bone box, engraved with a picture of a fish, as well as allusions to “Jonah” and resurrection, is found within a sealed undergraound tomb in Jerusalem in February 2012 and lead researchers to say that early Christians were buried in the tomb. True or not? What is engraved? Is the “Jonah box” team objective? No, since it was involved in the “Jesus Tomb” project. Until now, nothing has changed, the findings are still in dispute. In order to solve this mystery, the best thing to do would be to enter the tomb and bring those ossuaries out! Unresolved!

Maya calendar. The most fashionised ancient mystery was without contest the end of the Maya calender (mixed up with the end of the world) on the 21st of December 2012 marking the end of a series of cycles — including the 394-year baktun cycle as well as the 5,126-year “cycle of creation.”Did they really believe in the end of the world? And if yes, do we have to believe them? On the 21st of December, only Hippiy and New-age celebration occured, nothing else! Resolved!

Ty, The world hottest dinosaur disputed. Ty, a tyrannosaur-like species known as Tarbosaurus bataar and which was sold for about 1Mio$ is currently in federal custody in New York since it is believed that the bones must have been stollen from Mongolia years earlier by the bone dealer. However, it seems that the dinosaur bones were collected at different places in the world (nickname:”Franken-saurus”. The dealer is guilty, has to give the dinosaur back, and could be jailed for up to 17 years. Resolved!

Pyramids and Google Earth. For researcher Angela Micol, Google Earth was showing pyramid-type structures and oddly shaped natural butte in the Egyptian desert (August 2012). Although she suggested they were unknown sites, these had already been studied in details for decades. Resolved!

Cloning a woolly mammoth. Korean and Russian researchers are trying to bring the woolly mammoth back to life, tens of thousands of years after its extinction (March 2012) by using viable mammoth cells (permafrost), an elefant egg for the creation of a cloned embryo, and an elephant womb for gestation. It seems that samples of mammoth bone marrow, hair, muscles and fat tissue were taken from Yakutsk to Seoul. Unresolved and will take long!

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