Loud Weird Noises from the sky in Kragujevac, Serbia – January 20 2013


January 20 2013 – Serbia, Kragujevac. This low frequency hum was recorded at around 4:30 AM in the city of Kragujevac, Serbia. These noises are very loud and impressive, a bit similar to flying by planes. Great catch and thank you to spread your recording on youtube!

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  1. I was woke up last night by a sound that could not have been thunder as we had no lighting. We are having somewhat of a snow storm.

    It woke me up and it sounded like a missile flying through the sky going towards Canada. I am by Lake Erie in NY.

    Years ago on two nights I heard something I thought was a UFO but was too scared to look out. It was on two consecutive nights and a neighbor heard it as well. I have not heard that since.

    The one last night was different.

  2. Hello! I am from Saskatoon Saskatchewan (Canada) and I heard the sounds this morning at about 6:30am. I remember hearing about these sounds in the news last January and there is a news clip reporting them from my city. I was skeptical still as I don’t fully believe something until I see or hear it. This morning was very cold probably minus 23 out and so it’s hard to hear anything outside, plus we have lots of trains going by here in Saskatchewan. But I knew this was different. I ran downstairs and opened my front door and sure enough I finally heard the loud scraping/metallic sound that people have been describing. My partner and I both witnessed it, and I told him to run upstairs and get his phone to record the sounds…..but it was too late and it was freezing out so we just went back to bed. I have to say the sounds are the strangest I have ever heard in my life!!

  3. I’ve been hearing the same sound here in Georgia just north of Atlanta..USA.. It goes on for nights generally from the same direction, then gradually moves. Tonight my fiancé and I heard the loud boom sound I read about on your site. It sounds eerie and the boom was very loud

    • Hey, I was wondering if you could give me information or sites I could search for these loud booms that are being heard in the south. I live in east TN and everyone is talking about Booms in the night, yet I have yet to hear anything of the sort. Thank you -Dylan

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