Update About the Louisiana Sinkhole: The worksite is cracking apart and the sinkhole expands


The worksite started to crack apart on the 19th of January 2013. The working crews were evacuated. Methane gas and the whole area may explose since it is full of methane gases. Get some more details on the Louisiana sinkhole bugle blog

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  1. Didn’t think Jindal was qualified for the office of president and also read where he is a RINO and additional things that are not good. I liked him, but not if he is involved in Obamas type of mess. These people really know how to fool the sheeple.

  2. For readers who are mystified about why there isn’t more aggressive action on the sinkhole dilemma by state or federal government it is explained at

    In a nutshell the state (LA) had a deal with federal gov’t to do a 50-50 deal on costs for emergency aid during (expensive) hurricane Katrina. And Louisiana (under gov. Jindal, now trying to run for next presidential election under Republican party) never paid back their 50% owed to federal gov’t. So they cannot ask for more aid without clearing that up.
    No one talks about it as Jindal wants to curry favor with the anti-Obama party.

    And Louisiana twists in the wind.

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