Scary Weird Sounds while recording Jupiter, Murrysville, Pennsylvania – January 14 2013


January 14 2013 – Murrysville, Pennsylvania. The recorder did not hear these weird noises while taping and has not added any effects to the video… Well, she just pumped up the volume so it could be heard better! The recorder was trying to film Jupiter and she noticed during the review of the video the very strange sounds. The first sound is a loud jet-like sound. There were no jets flying at the time. The second is a booming, gonging kind of sound, and the third, (really weird) sounds like a voice , or voices, whipering/talking in unison. Well is this a hoax? Is this jupiter? This are my questions to you… Thank you!


  1. I am a chemical engineer. I think these might be energetic entropic particles orbiting overhead at hundreds of miles/sec. My research tells me they are expelled from the sun during coronal mass ejections.

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