Strange Sound Compilation from News and Newspapers: January 11-13 2013


Here I present strange sound reports released by newspapers within the 11th and 13th of January 2013.

This list is probably not exhaustive. Thank you for your help to complete it.


Palatine police, Inverness police, and Arlington Heights police responded starting about 9:45 PM Sunday to an unusually high number of noise complaints. Police responded to a large number of callers reporting banging on the roof, banging on the back of the house, fireworks and shots fired. [Arlington Cardinal]


A high volume of calls from several areas in town reported a noise described as a “loud explosion” to authorities Saturday night, prompting police to make an extensive area check with little results.

The calls began around 10:27 p.m. with reports of hearing the sound coming from the area west of 7th Avenue and The Esplanade, said Sgt. Curtis Prosise of the Chico Police Department. [Chicoer]

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