Strange Sounds Compilation: USA, Canada, Australia – January 11-13 2013


From comments or from the facebook page. Thank you for your help!

January 13 2013. Many of us here in freeport Illinois heard and saw a flash bf hearing the boom sound and many of us ask what was it? We are not getting any answers?

I live in winter park, Florida. On January 13 2013 I was having a conversation with my sister in the living room when I was suddenly interrupted by what sounded like a very large jet or plane. I’m very used to the sounds of planes flying over head as I live right next to the airport, but this was much different. It lasted three or four minutes and faded away. Afterwards all of the dogs in the neighborhood were barking.
I’ve been so frightened by this noise. I’ve never heard anything that loud or overbearing in volume.
What is happening?

Montreal,Canada Jan 13 2013. Just heard that noise sounded like a plane just swished by my window,@6am…looked out,no chance of anything..very strange and really scary.

Castana, Iowa – Jan 12 2013. i heard a boom today about 3:30 pm not loud boom just a boom one time.

Jan 12 2013. We also heard that noise in NW Ohio this evening. followed with a flash of light. We thought that it was thunder, but the dogs in our neighborhood were going absolutely insane. Almost sounded like a big dog fight because so many of them were barking at once. I wonder what this is….It is kind of creeping me out!!

Jan 12 2013. Heard a loud boom a few hours ago as well as about a month ago and another time before that. Never did figure out what it was, made our house shake. I am in Western New York State.

Jan 12 2013. I felt and heard the same thing today in Prince George, VA. It sounded as if something had exploded. Then the house rumbled for a few seconds.

Jan 12 2013. These sounds just erupted over Connecticut. 1:50 pm for about 30 seconds, than 2:05 (but not as loud this time) for 20-30 seconds. Strange stuff!

Jan 11 2013. We heard the exact same noise here in Richfield Utah, USA at about 2am

Jan 11 2013. Okay, so I finally found a video of someone who recorded the same noise (or same sounding noise) one province over in Manitoba on a different date. This is the same exact sound I heard from 9pm to 9:15pm tonight in Toronto: Not joking here.

Jan 11 2013. i heard the sound in australia, i was star gazing saw a ball of light with a tail, like a meteor but unlike any i have even seen – it lit up our entire backyard. then a minute later we heard a boom/ rumble that was not thunder as we have had no rain or clouds for days. weird


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