Scary Weird Noises from the Sky in Nyíregyháza, Hungary – January 11 2013


January 11 2013 – Nyíregyháza, Hungary. These weird noises are very scary and loud. Their origin is unknown but the recorder guesses they are coming from the Sky. They were recorded in Hungary at around 22:10 PM and lasted about 20 minutes. Here we have a 4 minutes sample. The metalic sky sounds are, at the beginning, homogen and reverbarating and is similar to a plane flying by. Then the sky noises start to oscillate, drop in intensity before starting again. Well I think this is another great record of these Strange Sounds from the Sky. Now we have to discover their origin. What do you think the causes are?

From a follower of the facebbok page.

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  1. these are EM standing waves emitting from liquid metal core of the Earth and mirrored by magnetosphere in the sky, caused by dis-balance in e-magnetic field of our planet


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