Strange Sounds near Troy, Michigan, USA – January 3 2013


January 3 2013 – Troy, Michigan. Leaving work, north of Detroit, the recorder came out to these loud noises that sound like either plane engines just going full blast or “traffic” as some have said in the past. the highway is several miles away and would not account for the noise coming and going over the past several months. It’s a similar noise to my other videos I have at my house.

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  1. Sound is pushed down in the direction of the wind and can cause sounds to be heard a long ways from the source and will shift the frequency lower which adds to the distance it will be heard because low frequencies are not absorbed as much as high frequencies. The opposite for sound moving against the wind pushing the sound up and increases the frequencies and is absorbed into small particles like moisture in the air shorting the distance it can be heard. Temperate of air inversion with warm air at ground level will cause sound to bend to ground also, with these influences hard ground surface like hard snow surface will extend the sound range as the sound bounces off the surface and is bent down hitting the snow , repeated several times when traveling with the wind and does this many times. The sounds I heard is highway noise shifted to a lower frequency from many miles.

  2. Jan 6 2013. Early this morning, at around 4 am. I woke up and heard a sound like a low rumble and wind type sound. It would last for about 30 seconds then stop for about 10 seconds then start and repeat the pattern with slight variance in the amount of time it lasted and repeated. This went on for about 45 minutes. We have train tracks near our house, and I have lived here for 35 years, I know the sound of trains and their engines, this was no train. Have heard these sounds before at night in June 2012. I live in Bloomfield Twp.

    • i too have heard weird noises at night. its 3am in maine and i walked outside and to the north there was roaring. now the interstate runs parallel to my house and it was not trafficand ppl dont drive this late either. it sounded like a tornado or plane going full blast maybe performing manuevers of some sort. but it is constant and very loud.. it goes like this (dashes are long and short ones are bursts) __=__=____ =–___

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