Strange Sounds Compilation: USA, Canada, Germany, Argentina and Finland, January 2 to 6 2013


January 1 to 6 2013 – Around the World. Reading the next few lines, you will see you are not alone hearing these weird noises. People from all over the world are reporting and commenting these strange and unexplained phenomena on this webpage. Here some comments especially chosen for you. Have a nice end of week-end and enjoy this last day of rest (so, I start tomorrow again).

Strange Sounds from Michigan, USA – January 6 2013:

Jan 6 2013. Early this morning, at around 4 am. I woke up and heard a sound like a low rumble and wind type sound. It would last for about 30 seconds then stop for about 10 seconds then start and repeat the pattern with slight variance in the amount of time it lasted and repeated. This went on for about 45 minutes. We have train tracks near our house, and I have lived here for 35 years, I know the sound of trains and their engines, this was no train. Have heard these sounds before at night in June 2012. I live in Bloomfield Twp.

Strange Sounds from Palmer, Alaska – January 3 2013:

From Palmer, Alaska and I heard 4 loud booming noises around 830 to 900pm. I have lived here my whole life and when I felt the first one I though “Oh an Earthquake” but soon it was followed by another boom that resonated and went longer than the first. I actually got nervous. I stopped what I was doing and for the next couple ‘booms’ I listened carefully and tried to tune into them. My conclusion was that it didn’t feel like they were coming from an earthquake. It felt more like the rumbling from a large truck going by, but smoother in tone. It seemed really out of place, esp since I feel like I have a good sense of what an earthquake is like being in from small shakers to rolling ripples. I have seen solid concrete roll and that is disturbing! Very eerie to hear those rumbles. Like I said they were very out of place and felt different.

Strange Sounds in Vancouver – January 1 2013:

We heard it downtown. 7am that day. Same sound for same amount of time. We couldn’t locate the origin of the sound. It seemed to come from everywhere.

I heard it by Killarney school too. Around the same time. I also thought it was a plane but I saw nothing on the news about it. It sounded like it was coming from the sky but with the fog it was hard to see anything . I should have recorded it too but I was freaked out.

Strange Sounds in Germany – January 3 2013

Hi, I live in the northeast of Berlin, the capital of germany. We had a strange noise here at about 10:15 am.

Strange Sounds in Argentina 2000 to 2010

Hello. I live in Provincia de Buenos Aires (35 km from Ciudad de Buenos Aires), Argentina. I don’t understand what this noises are. Since I do not believe in paranormal stuff, it has to be a rational explanation… I didn’t hear anything strange in 2012 BUT… I’ve heard many strange explosions at night, between 2000 and 2010. First time I thought it was some kind of a militar activity going on here, but I’m sure that in four or five occasions the sounds were HUGE. That was not normal at all. My house was shaking! I feared it was an invasion (that’s not paranormal), or a Military Coup (remember, I live in Argentina), or… Whatever, that sounds were terrifying. My father heard this thing a couple of times, and he also was surprised…


  1. I am hearing this wierd sound 30 min ago . Vancouver BC near 54th ave. it was freaky and i didnt want to get out if bed to record it… Im off to sleep now. Perhaps that starbucks coffee was a bad idea….

  2. My husband and I were skiing in Hatcher Pass, Alaska and we heard sounds that sounded what we thought we’re avalanches…but they were so loud they didn’t sound right to us. We have heard and have seen avalanches, this sound was way too loud. We still are not sure what the sound was. The sound came more from the sky. The date was 1-5-13.

    • A strange noise woke me up last night about 10:30. it sounded like jet going by and stopping suddenly. My husband also heard it.

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