Weird Sounds over Vancouver and Richmond, BC, Canada, January 1 2013


I’m really asking myself what are these mysterious humming sounds heard around Vancouver and Richmond, BC, Canada.

Trumpets of apocalypse?

Very strange and loud sounds were recorded on January 1 2013,  in the surroundings of Vancouver and Richmond in British Columbia, Canada.

The loud sound just started randomly at about 12:10am and stopped around 12:30am. Nobody knows what it was!

People have speculated it could be a plane crash. This was also the first thought of the recorder.

Actually, there is an factory on Mitchell Island which is quite close to where the sound was recorded but nobody has said anything regarding it.

Did you also hear this Strange Sounds? Do you think it is coming from the sky?

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  1. Just heard in vancouver, exact same noise outside, but more high pitched. It’s like loud whirling vibrating sounds, it’s still happening actually just not as loud as it was ten minutes ago (nov 23 2020 7:15am)

  2. It’s a very haunting metallic combination of trumpets and grinding metal…. I was too freaked out to think about recording it! If I hadn’t heard it with my own ears I would never have believed it…..

  3. Heard this sound twice tonight/this morning. Dec 8th. Once at 1:35am, and again at 2:12am. Sounds like a plane just hovering, and not moving. Ive heard it before, and both times its been overcast. So maybe its a sound being reflected off the clouds?? wierd shit

  4. We heard exactly this noise last night (October 23, 2013) in North Vancouver. We lived quite close to the industrial area of the waterfront and thought it might be coming from there but it was hard to tell which direction the noise was coming from. Very unnerving…

  5. I just heard it really loud in cadboro Bay (Victoria) 3 times around 7:30 AM on June 28, 2013. Wonder what is happening right then at Whidby Island Naval Air Station?

  6. June 27 2013 10:39 pm Victoria BC heard the rumbling yet again. Both my husband and myself have heard this rumbling sound on and off over the years.

  7. I heard this all last week in abbotsford bc! Along with a high pitch whistling noise! I thought at first it was just city noise, but it went from 10pm to late at night (I went to bed at 1-2am. It was so loud it, I heard it over the tv!

    Last night it, there was no noise, and it was silent outside!

    A few weeks ago, I was walking my daughter to school and it sounded like an airplane was flying by, but it never moved. It sounded like it was just hovering. It lasted a good half hour. I recorded it once it got home! I’ve heard this noise before, last summer it think, but at night. I remember wondering why this plane was flying so late at night, and why it wasn’t going anywhere!

    I thought I should also add, that on April 20th (I think), in the evening at about 8-9pm, I heard some booming sounds coming from the south. It sounded like someone banging on a dumpster, but when I looked outside, there wasn’t anyone out there! I posted it on Facebook, and friends from all over Abbotsford had heard it too, thinking it was right in their neighbourhood.
    This incident is where I learned about all the noises around the world, and became more aware of all this noise I was hearing!

    But from that booming in April, there has been this same noise as in this video, until a day or 2 ago, and I have to say, it’s SO SO quiet now! I’d have to describe the sound as a jet plane taking off… Forever! (The sound never really came or went like a plane does! And it happened night and day!)

  8. 1:42 AM, I was out on my balcony for a cigarette in North Vancouver, when I heard what I thought was a jet of some sort flying over, but it came on so fast it seemed a little weird. Then within a few seconds, the sound just “shut off”. No echo, no fade…just gone. I then heard it again within two minutes and it did the same thing. I quickly did a google search for weird noises around Vancouver, and came across this video. What I heard exactly matches the sound between 40 and 60seconds in the video.

  9. Ya I am here in Victoria Bc as well, and I was at the dog park mid afternoon near uvic and Cadboro bay and I heard that sound multiple times over an hour. A deep unsettling rumble with no direction of reference. I really thought it sounded most like a small quake we experienced in October however there was no vibration in the ground at all, but rather the vibration could be felt through the air. Talking to another person walking their dog and they were talking about the air force taking off at certain angles or something within the straight, however I have heard fighter jets and commercial jets take off from various distances and this was far different.

  10. Sunday night on March 31st, 2013 ,at around 2300 hrs we heard the same thing at home in White Rock, BC. It was very disturbing. It woke us up and at first we thought that it was a plane crashing or a meteor but we quickly realized that this was different as the noise was very powerful and seemed to cover a large area in the sky. It was a strong roaring sound in the sky. The weird thing is that it sounded like in the movie Legion when the angels sound the trumpet and come down on earth (I know it sounds weird but the sound is very similar).

    • I heard the same thing that night and I have been trying to figure what it is ever since! It definitely sounded more like meteors to me exploding in the skies in firework patterns. I didnt see anything though, darkness and noice. Freaky! But so happy I saw your post, I feel less crazy. What do you think it was?

  11. I’ve heard this sound in White Rock/South Surrey a few times. At first I thought it was a jet flying overhead but the sound never does fade off into the distance the way the sound of a jet would. Another strange sound I hear from the sky is a rather high pitched sound very early in the morning, around 5 am or so. It almost sounds like the sound of a vacuum cleaner as odd as that sounds. I’m not the only one hearing this in my household, my room mate also has heard these sounds, so I don’t think I’m imagining it. These sounds, especially the higher pitched one is so annoying and I can even hear it through closed windows. The last time I heard the sound in your video is this afternoon before dinner time.

  12. I live in the USA and I am hearing a loud/rumbling sound like a jet is hovering over my house, I can also feel the ground shaking. When I go to take a look outside it is somewhat clear skies and nothing is there expect that sound that i can feel. Does this fit you discripiton at all?

  13. We heard it downtown. 7am that day. Same sound for same amount of time. We couldn’t locate the origin of the sound. It seemed to come from everywhere.

  14. I heard it by Killarney school too. Around the same time. I also thought it was a plane but I saw nothing on the news about it. It sounded like it was coming from the sky but with the fog it was hard to see anything . I should have recorded it too but I was freaked out.

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