Did you hear a STRANGE HUMMING SOUND in Victoria, BC?

A weird stange sound is being reported by residents of Victoria, BC right now! The source of this noise is however a mystery!


People are asking me, but what is this weird humming and rumbling noise that I am hearing in Victoria, BC on April 29, 2014? Sorry, I still have no answer for it, but looking forward for an explanation.

Last year, I reported a similar weird rumbling noise heard in Victoria and Richmond, BC. Here the video:

Source of this noise was according to newspapers the factory across the Fraser River (Mitchell Island) letting of excess steam. Did you notice a large cloud of steam? They are maybe fixing it up again. It may also be a sonic boom, created either by an Army aircraft or a meteor explosion while entering our atmosphere. But for now, I have no clues. Sorry!

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  1. The sounds in the video are the same I’ve heard in Victoria, BC. Its the unmistakable sound of high performance jet engines. Likely a covert training sequence OR could be a Russian bomber patrol accompanied by fighter planes testing our response capabilities as they have been doing for awhile. We live just north of the largest US military base in the West. Strategically the Puget Sound is important to the US.

  2. Since early 2015 the noises have stopped for us, but our house shakes like an earthquake on a regular basis with enough force to make things hanging on our walls rattle. It is especially disturbing because we wouldn’t know if an actual earthquake hit without the associated sound.

  3. Likely it is the growler jets at coupeville or annacortez.
    Yep, they freakishly loud and annoying. Just constant this evening 06/01/15

  4. I have been hearing it in Victoria, sometimes two days in a row. Sonic boom? jets? aliens are probably too
    smart to come to neurotic earth with all it’s crazy weapons. just my opinion of course.

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