A Small Earthquake Rattles Residents Near The Georgia -Tennessee Line – Any Strange Sounds? – February 2 2013


COHUTTA, Georgia – February 2 2013. The most active seismic zone in the Southeast is near Georgia-Tennessee line. Yesterday, at around 1:47 a.m., seismometers from the USGS recorded a 2.8-magnitude quake, strong enough to awake some residents around Cohutta (Georgia) and Apison (Tennessee) but was also felt about 80 miles away from the epicenter in Kennesaw, Georgia. No damages have been reported yet. My Question: Did anybody hear any strange sounds or rumbling noises in the area on Saturday? Thank you to let me know! – WTVC


  1. Heard a loud rumble in elbert co Ga out on nickville road. probably around 2-3 pm est on 02/02/2013. Thought it might have been a rock quarry shooting explosives-but it sounded like thunder. Was it a quake ?

  2. Hey I heard very weird loud repeating noises last night at 4 am in Philadelphia, the noises kind of sounded like war of the worlds and went one for about 45 minutes getting lower as time went on as if it was moving. It was by far the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced or heard, did anyone else in Philadelphia hear this noise last night?

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