Mystery Loud Booms All Around Missouri – 2 January 2013


The strange noise phenomenon continues this weekend with reports out of Missouri. The loud boom was heard between 6:30pm and 7:00pm on February 2nd 2013. The sound was heard throughout a few nearby counties. Authorities have no answer in this case along with others around the world the last few years. A meteor? Earthquakes? – KSPR


  1. January 24, 2013: at approximately 8:34 pm in Hickory County, Missouri which more to the southern part of Missouri, (about an hour north of Springfield and aprox. two hours s.e. of Kansas City). I was outside and heard 2-distinctive explosion type sounds. I was on the phone with a friend that lives about 30 miles to the N.W. and she did not hear it. Last night it was reported that down around Springfield people reported hearing “explosion / boom ” sounds from several different counties. After doing a little research I have noticed, reports on these sounds have been coming in at least once a week in the month of January alone. Personally, I do not feel this is military related, as they are also being reported all over the US. On some of the sites, I have researched they have said that activity was picked up but could not be explained (meaning from the ground instruments). Is this an unexplained shifting of plates in the earth??? Is this something in our solar system ?? (No I am not one of the “end of the world” believers….) I find it an interested event going on wiht these explosions around the US and so many reports from the center of the US (Missouri). We have had some very strange weather this year that is for sure as well. Temps in the 70’s with tornados one day and in the teens the next with snow.

  2. We live in Barry County and heard what sounded like a few claps of odd sounding thunder around 3:00 pm yesterday..clear sky though. Anyone know what that was about?

    • Your probably going to have an earthquake of sorts shortly.I live in Canada and from what i have been seeing is booms followed by small earthquakes a day or 2 later.Do some research.

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