Loud Booming and Deadly Explosion in La Porte, Texas – February 9 2013


If you heard loud booms Saturday morning (7.40AM) around La Porte, Texas, they could be related to a still unexplained explosion at an industrial gas facility (Air Liquid Company) that killed one worker and sent black smoke into the sky in La Porte, Texas. This explosion resulted in a shelter-in-place in Pasadena. Residents are urged to stay out of the general area and encouraged to stay inside with their doors and windows closed and their A/C off!

mystery gas plant explosion in La Plante, Texas

Statement released by Air Liquide: “Air Liquide is monitoring a fire at its facility in La Porte. We understand from emergency personnel that the fire is now contained. We are working to determine the cause of the incident and remain in contact with authorities at the scene. The safety of our employees and the communities in which Air Liquide operates remains the company’s top priority. The facility in La Porte houses a mix of industrial gases such as nitrogen and hydrogen that are used in the processing of such things as food and beverages and electronics.” – KHOU.

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