Scientist finds the next megavolcano near the Samoan Islands – February 7 2013


Have you ever heard about super volcanoes? Pretty scary! Well a seismologist at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City discovered something much bigger in the Pacific which would make a super volcano eruption look pretty small. Through the analysis of strange seismic waves near the Samoan Islands, this scientist spotted the existence of a dark red blob the size of Florida in the Earth’s core that could eventually cause a giant eruption, extinction and davastate a large part of our Earth, in other words: a MEGAVOLCANO. These weird waves are the result of molten rock production (magma) through the collision of two huge rock piles having the size of continents in the Pacific Ocean. Although this megovolcano will not explode in the next years (but more like in 100 million years or so), it is important to know its position to prepare ourselves for this giant eruption. Fox 13 Now


  1. I expect a super-volcanic eruption sometime between 2014 and 2016. Apr-2014 looks particularly significant in that the 5th in a series of transiting Uranus in Aries square transiting Pluto in Capricorn will occur with two grand crosses.
    William G. Foster

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