Mystery booms heard from Norwich to Vershire, Vermont – February 21 2013


Did you also hear and feel mystery booms from Norwich to Vershire, Vermont?

These booming sounds scared more than one resident in the area!

vermont, vermont forest photo, vermont photo, Beautiful forest in Vermont. Photo: Wikipedia
Beautiful forest in Vermont. Photo: Wikipedia

We are used to strange sounds and mystery booms rattling windows and shaking houses in US States adjacent to the New Madrid fault. Normal you will say, this region is unstable and very active. Well, yesterday, February 11 2013, a mystery boom was reported at around 11 a.m. in Vermont and heard from Norwich to Vershire (about 20 miles distance). The source and origin is unknown but an official at the Lebanon Municipal Airport says it was probably a sonic boom created by a jet. The Federal Aviation Administration traffic agency in Boston says there were some F-15s working in the military operating area and they could have produced the sonic boom sound, but they can’t be positive. So this sound remains a mystery!

Witnesses are puzzled by the loud booms. One went downstairs to check his oil burner, gas line and water heater (they were fine), went outside to see if the snow on his roof had unloaded (it hadn’t), and then checked the U.S. Geological Survey website to see if there were reports of an earthquake (there weren’t).

Then he says: “I was inside and I didn’t even think of a sonic boom, I thought more of some kind of impact, like a huge tree falling in the backyard, or some sort of impact,” he said. “That’s why I thought it was like a short duration earthquake, but … I think it came in two parts. It wasn’t one rumble.

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