Mystery loud booms and shaking are back in Tennessee (Morristown and Seymour) – February 12 2013


Morristown residents felt the earth shake not once but twice Tuesday at around 4 P.M. rattling windows and cracking up house walls. The U.S. Geological Survey says it was not an earthquake and thus the cause of what residents say felt like an dynamite explosion is a mystery to officials at this point. The Emergency Management Agency says they are investigating the cause. They say there is no major damage to report. – WBIR

Moreover yesterday morning in Seymour, Sevier County, Tennessee somebody reports this: Early this morning, @ 3.45am (EST), I was awoken by a slight vibration that caused a little rattle in my home’s walls. I woke up because of the ‘wall rattle’, more so than feeling the vibration that produced the rattle. It lasted about 1hr 15mins. It was very similar, if not precisely the same as the other instances I have experienced in the past couple years. The sound was a very low pass frequency sound, resembling that of deep bass. The sound would vary in intensity and Hz. Although the tone did seem to fluctuate in pitch, from a higher range to lower, it never left the low pass range associated with deep bass. – above top secret

This event seems to be similar to what occured in Morristown except that loud booms are reported in Morristown and a low frequency hum in Seymour. Do you think these 2 events are related? I think so. It would be great to be able to determine their sources.


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