Mystery loud booms in the Midlands: Wedgefield, Manning, Bishopville, Lexington, Camden – Feb. 20 2013


At around 3:45 p.m. Wednesday, residents of several Midlands neighborhoods, among them Sumter, Wedgefield, Manning, Bishopville, Summerton, Eastover, Mayesville, Lexington, Lugoff, Camden started reporting loud booms which rattled windows and shook homes. The cause and origin of these booms remain unexplain. Officials say they did not result from any earthquakes, the Shaw Air Force Base did not report any unusual flying activity or sonic booms in the Midlands on Wednesday. So what the heck? – WLTX

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  1. It has happened 3 times again today ! We called wis and wltx they said they had reports of the same thing as far as St.matthews area.

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