Strange Sounds Compilation: Last week was heavy in reports! Thank you! – January 28 to February 3 2013


Nortonville, Kentucky – January 29 2013. Nortonville ky, I’ve been hearing explosions or wat sounds like for the past 2mths is sounds like its coming from under ground an close by my son gets terrified an says it sounds like guns or bombs, also 2mts ago I witnessed lights coming from the sky it was pitch dark an I was driving on a road with fields on both sides far from any buildings I looked up an it looked like orbs hovering above all the sudden 2 of the flew off like the speed of light they were a white bluish color an was not any spacecraft looked as if they were floating giant orbs all over so I looked into it an a few other people in my area said the same thing my brother said the flew over him on his way to work an it killed his car for about 5sec his car was dead, the same night The mason lodge was having a meeting an it happens to be near my home and was not their scheduled night to meet. so many things are happening even with the weather an I am interested in conspiracy but I believe this is coming from the bible an not government although I believe govt, has plans we know nothing about I also believe the lord is not far!

Toledo, Ohio – January 29 2013. Various dates throughout 2012. Cannot remember specifics. Didnt record events. Toledo, Ohio. At least 10-15 times. I could hear rumbling like a plane was going by. That makes sense bc I live 10 miles from the Toledo airport. What didnt make sense was I used to live 4 miles awat and never heard these kinds of noises. It would sound like a plane would hover right over top of my building for 30 minutes at a time.

Elizabethtown, Kentucky – months ago. You are not crazy Nortonville. I started looking into this topic because of three huge booms heard in Elizabethtown, Ky, area some months ago. I had expected to find a news story about loud explosions in Ft. Knox, but found all these kinds of stories instead. BTW, I saw the very same kind of zipping lights you speak of in Flaherty near Fort Knox when I was a kid. Did you see the compilation a pastor has done where a friend has strung together ominous music from the sounds? Some strange things going on!

South Point, Ohio – January 29 2013. Hearing roaring sounds from outside over 40 minutes. now..reminds me of a large group of air planes over head but the sound is lasting to long for that to be the answer. The sound fades then grows …can any tell me what this is???

Yucca Valley, California – January 30 2013. Im in Yucca Valley, CA and have been hearing loud booms like distant thunder off and on for about a month now, maybe longer. This evening they started again and my dog was outside barking at seemingly nothing. We had the TV on so I didn’t think to turn it off and listen. Once we went to bed, the noise got louder and more frequent. A very loud echoing boom almost but tonight it actually rattled the windows. We’re military and live close to Twentynine Palms Marine Base, but have ruled out the idea that it’s artillery or another range. It sounds like it’s coming from under the ground. I didn’t think much of it when I first noticed last month, but now I’m really starting to wonder. It has just stopped within the last 5-10 minutes. I made my husband stand outside with me and listen to it.. I think he’s starting to think I’m a little crazy because after checking out Google I found websites reporting similar sounds all throughout the world in the last year. I saw someone posted here from Yucca Valley and it caught my attention. I find it hard to believe there is no other talk of this because it’s so strange and unnoticeable, I’m thinking that because we live so close to base people assume it’s the military. It’s beginning to creep me out, that’s all I’ve got. I know we live close to a fault line, I’m ready to get out of California!

Mifflinburg Pennsylvania – January 30 2013. heard the exact thing in Mifflinburg PA tonight a few minutes before 9 pm….we live in a mountain development and EVERYONE heard it….it was one right after the other though and VERY loud….and very scary. It was five or six and it hurt my five year olds ears. Would love to know what or where it came from.

Phoenix, Arizona – January 30 2013. We’ve had some vibrations in the phoenix AZ area. I feel them, hear weird rumbling sounds that are intermittent, then hear my house make alot of cracking sounds. No blips on USGS quake maps ever!! We had really big waves in our pool in summer of 2009. Checked usgs map and a bunch of new quakes in baja california, but no blips for my area. The waves were so big it scared me. They either don’t report or monitor quakes in Phoenix. They are building houses again; 1/30/13, but people should get the heck out of this city before it’s too late.

Around two weeks ago in the phoenix AZ area I heard an unusual sound beyond the rumbling, vibration sounds. It sounded like a heavy metal door sliding across a floor sound. Reminded me of the engine room on ships that make similar groaning sounds. Seconds after the vibration I felt was so scary. I expected my house to fall into a sinkhole. It seemed that bad. My dogs keep crying and looking to me for protection from ‘something’. You can feel the earth vibrations stronger when standing on concrete than grass or dirt. My garage floor is covered in thin spider vein like cracks that happened within the last two years.

Honolulu, Hawaii – January 31 2013. I heard them- no one seemed to but me, for hours and hours.
I’ve heard some this Saturday, too.
There is no adult around me who could care.
They can’t answer “what’s that- did you hear that?”
Animals hear it- their ears turn to it.
I’m glad to hear a few HOMO SAPIENS are alive and questioning the obvious. THANX. PJ in Honolulu

Barry County, Michigan – February 2 2013. We live in Barry County and heard what sounded like a few claps of odd sounding thunder around 3:00 pm yesterday..clear sky though. Anyone know what that was about?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – January 3 2013. Hey I heard very weird loud repeating noises last night at 4 am in Philadelphia, the noises kind of sounded like war of the worlds and went one for about 45 minutes getting lower as time went on as if it was moving. It was by far the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced or heard, did anyone else in Philadelphia hear this noise last night?


  1. I live in southern Illinois and have been hearing what sounds like large explosions during the day and late at night, I thought maybe they were building a new oil rig but sure enough are not. It has been going on and off for the last several months. It scared my 3 yr old child afew times and has even waken her in middle of night. I have even noticed odd aircraft and military activity in my area. I do have a feeling it has something to do with under ground bunkers our government is building. Its just recently started to concern me. We are all not crazy, and we need answers!!

  2. Guys,

    I believe these are energetic particles orbiting overhead at as much as 500 to 1000 miles/second at times. They are expelled from the sun during coronal mass ejections and solar flares. I believe many of them are orbiting into the 1200′ diameter sinkhole that opened up in Dover, OH in November 2012. They are micro black hole balls of entropy. They can trigger sonic booms and low pressure disturbances. I am not joking.

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