Loud Booming Explosions: Booms And Rumblings In Pittsburgh, Long Beach and South Dakota – March 21 2013


Loud explosion booms at Power plant in Long Beach California – March 21 2013

loud booms and explosion at AES Alamitos Generationg station

Loud booms were heard but no one injured over an one mile perimeter around AES Alamitos Generating Station, Long Beach, California after a boiler’s high-pressure pipe ruptured at around 7:48 AM on March 21 2013 and created a massive steam plume.

The power plant, which has six conventional steam turbine units, is a natural gas-fired steam electric with a combined generating capacity of 1,950 MW owned and operated by AES Alamitos, LLC. It is situated along the west bank of the San Gabriel River, two miles northeast of the entrance to Alamitos Bay and the Long Beach Marina. – Daily Bulletin

power plant station explodes in long beach california march 2013

Mystery explosion in Eagle Butte South Dakota March 21 2013

house explodes in south dakota march 2013

A house explosion, which is still under investigation, occurred at around 1:20 p.m. in Eagle Butte, South Dakota on March 21 2013 injuring a woman. The loud booms were heard and felt up to three miles away from the tragedy. The house was completely destructed and parts of the structure discovered in nearby trees when firefighters arrived on scene. This gives you an idea of the blast! Could it be related to a propane tank explosion? – DRG News

booms and shaking in south dakota march 2013

House explosion in Shadyside Pittsburgh March 21 2013

A man committed suicide by exploding his flat in Shadyside at around 7:15 a.m. Thursday, March 21 2013 setting a seven-alarm fire. The 60-year-old recluse blew up his apartment hours before he was set to be evicted killing himself and hospitalizing two people according to authorities in Pennsylvania. Firefighters discovered the body of Mark A Williams lying among the flames that poured from the nine-story building’s windows. Pittsburgh Fire Chief Darrel Jones believes Williams intentionally disconnected the gas line to his stove on the fifth floor of the nine story building before lighting it. – Pittsburgh CBS Local

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