Loud booms in the US: Alabama, Indiana, New Jersey, Texas, Iowa, Ohio, California – March 8 2013


Strange loud booms were reported by residents from different states across the United States: Alabama, Indiana, New Jersey, Texas, California. Some are probably related to thunder (lots of rain over California yesterday). Some others are related to army training (near McGuire, New Jersey). In Ohio, somebody reported a meteor so this could explain the sonic booms heard and felt. What do you think? Pole shift, earth movements, earthquake? If you live near army bases, try to call there. They usually train without advising residents! Thank you for your inputs and follow updates here.

Malibu – Santa Monica Forest

Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Venice CA

Alabama, Gadsden area

South West Indiana, Vanderburgh Co

Waxahachie, Texas

Well, I think tis thread gives us the most probble source of these loud booms: Flaming meteor in southwest Ohio tonight

West Deptford, New Jersey

And this one too: Prabably artillery training at McGuire base: Loud booms in South Jersey, Burlington County area


  1. I heard a loud bang this morning in Athens,al….still can’t figure out what it was…woke me up and I ran to the open window to look out…never heard of anything like it…my cat was petrified and wouldn’t even eat…that says alot…im baffled

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