Loud rumbling and strange booming sounds heard In Springfield, Missouri and all around South Carolina – March 6 2013


loud booms in Springfield and the three county

A loud boom caused all kinds of concern in Springfield late Wednesday morning. Dispatchers took several calls after the noise this morning around 11:45 a.m. It’s still unclear what made the sound. Some of the early reports were possibly a car backfiring or a blown transformer. Calls were reported all over town. – KTTS

Here another video showing that these loud booms shook houses and were heard last two days all in South Carolina.

Update about South Carolina booms. Source already exposed in a previous post. Sorry for that!

Loud booming explosion are probably related to Army trainings in northern Beaufort County, SC – March 6 2013


  1. Ask Jesse Ventura, he’s already exposed the “Oz Ark” survival city that’s being built in the caverns and the miles and miles of tunnels being constructed and access points being sealed off from the public, along with a humongous blast-proof command post. Check the significance of the allegories to the characters in “The Wizard of OZ” as they relate to the religion of Kabbalah, mix in a bit of the known use of anagrams and the “restricted” language of Esperanto and you’ll learn that there has been stuff happening underground for a long, long time in that region.

    Kansas actually means K (kabbalah) SANAS which means “secret” in Esperanto and Arkansas means something similar with a salute to Ra himself. The entire Ozark mountain range was named as the result of discovering the connected caverns that could serve as an “ark” to survive the Apocalypse as described in the book of Revelation and is only one of a number of similar “arks” scattered throughout the world that could equally act as central command.

    I wouldn’t doubt it if they’ve completed a complete underground transit system that extends as far as Texas or even an entire network across the country considering the availability of nuclear powered tunnelers that actually melt the bedrock to reinforce the walls as it “digs” up to 5 miles in a single day.

    • I neglected to mention that the tunneler diameter is large enough to fit two sets of train tracks and is operated by none other than the USAF.

      All stuff that’s already been made public thanks to some very brave investigators, except for the naming of the states, I figured that out myself along with a few other things when the anagram//Esperanto combos are combined in some names…

      Leviticus is actually a spell that means “Evil Citus” where citus means ‘to call forth, put into motion”… the entire book (Leviticus) reads like witchcraft when you open your eyes and ears… no wonder everyone has rejected most of it… it’s written to attempt to control the markets and give excuse to colonize because of the ‘unclean’ things people were eating and doing… apparently the ones who wrote it wanted to keep the good stuff for themselves and halt evolution for everyone else.


  2. I’m sure the (bad) govt guys are planning an earthquake to split the US. Here comes Obama’s martial law !

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