Mysterious and unexplained strange booming sounds scare people on Flint’s east side, Michigan – March 3 2013


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Something mysterious is spooking residents on the eastern edge of the city. Residents heard and felt explosion-type noises which rattle and shake the walls in their homes as if the sound was coming up from the earth like a crack of thunder, except at a lower pitch. This mysterious sound is happening off and on for about a year. It usually happens in the afternoon, maybe once every few weeks. But, lately, it’s more frequent. The source remains unexplained. Neither the neighbors, nor the fire department, nor the power company know.

Could these noises be related to a power transformer or some activity under a manhole? To a moving earth? to undetectable earthquakes?

Some residents believe these mysterious explosion-type sounds on the east side of the city are created by North Dort Highway salvage and scrap yards. However, employee at J&S Auto Salvage deny rumors. For now, the mystery remains unsolved. – Mlive

Few comments from witnesses and employees:

I’m in the area of Western and Pierson and it is really loud. It sounds like the ground blew up. It shook the whole house. It’s loud enough that at times where it could break a window or move the foundation.

Over here by Kearsley Dam, I always hear some kind of loud BOOM in the morning before noon. This only happens Monday – Friday. It is so loud it does shake the house and rattle the windows. It sounds like it is coming from behind Richfield Trailer Supply and the scrap yards on Dort, by Richfield.

Few comments from employees:

I heard something probably toward the end of last week”. “You ever see somebody with a big dump truck and they’re dumping something and the tailgate slams on the ground? It sounded like that – just a loud boom noise that I couldn’t identify it.

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve crushed, but it’s not that loud of a noise”. “I’d say the noise level is about a two (on a scale of 1-10), and you can’t even hear it unless you’re standing close to where it’s being done.


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