Sources of the Tucson’s loud booms are F16 jet sonic booms – February 28 2013


A large chunk of Tucson – stretching from Midtown across the mountains to Three Points and northwest to Marana – was rattled Wednesday evening by a loud, deep boom and shaking ground. Some reported 3-4 booms. Late Thursday afternoon, Air Force officials confirmed the noise was a sonic boom from an F-16 flying out of Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix. The fighter jet that broke the sound barrier, causing the rumble, was flying west of Tucson near Sells on a training mission with other F-16s, a spokesperson for the base said. The F-16 was northwest of Kitt Peak, more than 60 miles from Tucson, when the sonic boom rumbled across the desert. Probably due to weather conditions, the rumbles and noises could be heard in the city. But in any cases, US Army should always inform us in advance, what do you think?KVOA

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